At High Functioning Fitness we aim to change the what, why, and how of fitness.

Fitness is so much more than fat shaming yourself into exercising and counting calories.  It’s the life-long journey of improving self-awareness, building mental resilience, and optimizing all your physical attributes.  The only way to achieve sustained health and performance is to fully embody this deeper understanding of fitness.  


At High Functioning Fitness we aim to change the what, why, and how of fitness.  We help you become fitter in the right way:

We help you

build happiness rather than avoid despair.  Again, it’s not about losing weight or avoiding food.  It’s about running full steam ahead towards all the best practices that make you look, feel, and perform at your best.

We deeply understand

the holistic nature of high-performance living, so we pull the best, most innovative practices from experts in the fields of kinesiology, sports performance, psychology, and nutrition.  Contrary to what the fitness marketing-machine may tell you, there are no panaceas (i.e. “magic pills”) to be found.  What works is tackling fitness from all angles.

We guide you

with a gradual, systematic approach to optimize function for life, rather than overloading you with overcomplicated fads that are unsustainable and only offer short-term results.

Welcome to High Functioning Fitness.  Improve how you think, move, eat, and live; discover your untapped potential and become the highest functioning version of yourself!